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Merlin's Forge

making Minecraft more fun

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Merlin’s Forge 1.12.2

Merlin’s Forge is a Minecraft mod that adds and modifies game features to make play easier and more fun. Minecraft play can be tedious and repetitive. The odds of early game survival are clearly tilted against the player. Merlin’s Forge features increase the player’s odds of survival and greatly simplify mining and building construction. These features include:
  • A forge furnace that speeds smelting, repair and enchanting
  • Tools that improve mining, farming and travel
  • Weapons that kill at distance and produce more valuable mob drops
  • Railroad switches and a track laying machine
  • Invulnerable villagers with reasonably priced trades of useful items
  • Blocks that protect and spawn
  • Schematic tools that save your buildings and provide about 200 pre-built schematics.