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Configuration File

The configuration or “config” file allows players to override default settings in merlinsforge. Click the “MODS” button on the primary Minecraft “splash” screen, scroll down to the Merlin’s Forge mod and click the config button. The next screen shows the options available for player configuration.  

Automatic Drop Pickup

Automatic Drop Pickup sucks nearby drops into your inventory automatically. You don’t have to climb or go down to pick up blocks. Blocks mined over Lava do not fall in and burn.

Overworld Current Time

The current world time is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.  Hostile mobs begin to spawn around 7 PM and die when the sun comes up about 7 AM.

Gamerule: mobGriefing false

Merlin’s Forge automatically sets the gamerule to false when it loads. You can turn it back on with the command: gamerule mobGriefing true or in the configuration file. I don’t like huge divots in the landscape or have my structures harmed by idiot creepers.

Recipes for Scarce, Hard-to-Find Items

Many useful blocks and items can’t be found in the Overworld or have components that cannot be acquired in the overworld.¬†These blocks/items have recipes using Gold/Silver/Copper Dust and easier to find blocks and items. Recipes include: Quartz Nether Quartz Netherrack Blaze Rod Glowstone Nether Star Prismarine