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Aroma Backup

Aroma Backup link  Note that this mod requires Aroma1997Core.


The number of villagers a village can sustain is based on the number of doors in the village. The Village mechanics page on the Minecraft Wiki gives you the details but it takes about 3 doors to support one villager. Anyway, if you assume one or two doors per structure, it still takes a lot

Mod: WorldEdit

WorldEdit is a great builder’s mod. I use it mostly to paste schematics into my worlds. Sometimes I use it for terraforming. But there are a lot of uses for it. Check it out.

Day 1 Survival with Merlin’s Forge

There are a host of articles on how to survive Day 1. Many of them are quite good but generally they follow the same procedure. My procedure focuses on how to acquire Merlin’s Forge armor, weapons and tools to protect yourself and begin to do whatever you like. Step Action 0 Be sure your world

Mod: Finder Compass

Finder Compass by atomicstryker is an invaluable tool for quickly locating ores. You can choose which blocks to look for–I chose diamonds, gold, emeralds, lapis and redstone. The recipe only requires 4 iron ingots and one redstone. In the image (left), the compass shows the directions for gold, diamonds, lapis and redstone. The range is configurable

Minecraft Wiki

If you are new to Minecraft, the Wiki is the place to go for information. It is sponsored by curse.com.

Navigation: Chunkbase

Where to find a village or stronghold or mine? You can stumble around for hours or use Chunkbase apps. Just type in your seed and find what you’re looking for.