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Merlin’s Diamond

Merlin’s Diamond can be smelted in Merlin’s Forge Furnace to produce 5 gold dust. It can also be used to buy items from the Trading Chest. This diamond is produced using Merlin’s Forge Furnace by smelting: a vanilla diamond produces 1 Merlin’s Diamond an obsidian block produces 3 Merlin’s Diamonds an Ender pearl produces 5

Trading Chest

The Trading Chest interacts with the player like a Villager. Instead of memorizing a lot of crafting recipes, the Trading Chest lets the player buy the block or item with gold, silver or copper dust or a Merlin’s Diamond.    

Gold, Silver and Copper Dust

Most of the Trading Chest and Trader Merchants transactions include gold, silver or copper dust (similar to money). This lets the player trade time (less mining, finding) for gold and gems. These are also used in recipes. These dusts are smelted in Merlin’s Forge Furnace using the exchanges below: 1 Merlin’s Diamond for 5 Gold Dust 1 Gold

The Merlin’s Forge “Trading Economy”

For those of us who stay in the Overworld, there are many blocks and items such as Netherrack and Blaze Rods that are unavailable. In addition, there are many Overworld items that are scarce or hard to find. Besides that, there are blocks like bricks and stone bricks that take a lot of time and energy to