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Merlin’s Filler Wand

The Filler Wand fills in missing chunks or a 5x5x5 area below and surrounding the player with grass. To fill in a missing chunk, set a COBBLESTONE block one block north and 2 blocks west of the empty chunk, stand on the COBBLESTONE block, then right click the Filler Wand. The missing chunk will be

Weather Staff

The Weather Staff turns rain on and off. Right-click the Weather Staff to start/stop the rain.

Harvest Staff

The Harvest Staff speeds up the farming process. Right-click the Harvest Staff to harvest “ready to pick” crops in a 10 block radius. If the crops are not ready for harvest, the Harvest Staff grows them one age per click.

Traveler’s Staff

The Traveler’s Staff lets the player travel quickly. Point the staff at any block within a 100 block radius to teleport to that location.