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Schematic Stick

The Schematic Stick sets the lower-right and upper-left corners of a space that can be saved as a Schematic file. To use it, FIRST click the lowest most northwest block of the space. SECOND, click the highest, most southeast, block of the space. Finally, type the command /sch save <schematic file name>.

Merlin’s Tree Axe

Merlin’s Tree Axe harvests entire trees and mushrooms with one right-click. Smelting Merlin’s Tree Axe in Merlin’s Forge will add the SILKTOUCH enchantment.

Merlin’s Shovel

Merlin’s Shovel digs the standard stuff plus COBBLESTONE. Smelt Merlin’s Shovel in Merlin’s Forge to add enchantments.

Merlin’s Axe

Merlin’s Axe performs standard axe functions but when right-clicked, it removes oak fences, oak planks and webs from mine tunnels. Smelting Merlin’s Axe inĀ Merlin’s ForgeĀ  adds the EFFICIENCY enchantment.

Merlin’s Pickaxe

Merlin’s Pickaxe can harvest all overworld blocks of stone and ores except end stone. I can even harvest obsidian. Smelt Merlin’s Pickaxe in Merlin’s Forge will add the EFFICIENCY enchantment.

Fried Egg

A Fried Egg restores the player’s health instantly and adds two extra “healths” for good measure. Fried Eggs are acquired by smelting EGGs in Merlin’s Forge.

Merlin’s Beef Jerky

Eating beef jerky will restore the player’s health and hunger instantly but causes a short spell of dizziness. Beef Jerky is acquired by smelting cooked beef (steak) or cooked pork in Merlin’s Forge.

Merlin’s Filler Wand

The Filler Wand fills in missing chunks or a 5x5x5 area below and surrounding the player with grass. To fill in a missing chunk, set a COBBLESTONE block one block north and 2 blocks west of the empty chunk, stand on the COBBLESTONE block, then right click the Filler Wand. The missing chunk will be

Weather Staff

The Weather Staff turns rain on and off. Right-click the Weather Staff to start/stop the rain.

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