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Resource Packs


The number of villagers a village can sustain is based on the number of doors in the village. The Village mechanics page on the Minecraft Wiki gives you the details but it takes about 3 doors to support one villager. Anyway, if you assume one or two doors per structure, it still takes a lot

“Modding” Resource/Texture Packs

I like the visual clarity of Glimmar’s Steampunk resource pack and use it as my primary. But there are some really cool blocks in other resource packs such as Conquest and Halcyon Days. You can replace textures in Merlin’s Mashup _V4.  Another alternative is to replace blocks in the ctm folder of mcpatcher. It can

Resource Packs

If you are not familiar with resource packs, this link  on the Minecraft Wiki is a good place to start. As stated on the Wiki, “Resource packs allow players to customize textures, models, music, sounds, language files, end credits, splashes, and fonts without any code modification.”

CTM Properties

CTM is associated with MCPatcher, a utility that allows adjacent blocks of the same type to have varied textures. This is a copy of a file residing in github at CTM Properties. It is kind of a “quick reference”. A more complete description of CTM is at Minecraft Forum on CTM. Still another useful site