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Enhancing Minecraft


You can use circle patterns for arches or modify the shape to suit your application.

The Shire

Not as dramatic as Imladris but quite well done is the Shire. Video only.┬áHere’s the link.

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft has a wonderful variety of resources. Their downloads are safe and reliable (something not true of many sites that download malware).


NBTExplorer lets you do things like turn cheats on and off, delete chunks and open/modify any NBT file. You have to install the program like any other. It is separate from the game itself.

Fire Prevention

Did you ever build a beautiful structure only to have it burn down from having lava or fire too close to a combustible block? This image shows the combustible zone around lava and fire. Note: merlinsforge sets the “firespread” game rule to false to prevent the loss of structures. It can be overridden in the

Desert Structures

These are interesting structures that I have found that may be worthy of schematics.

Minecraft Wiki

If you are new to Minecraft, the Wiki is the place to go for information. It is sponsored by curse.com.

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