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Enhancing Minecraft

World: Esgaroth, Dale, Erebor, Ravenhill

Divici has created another part of Middle Earth in great detail. The download is on Planet Minecraft. Links to other Divici creations are on this Planet Minecraft page. This is a huge world and will take some time to explore. Esgaroth is quite a ways to the south of Dale so here are the coordinates.

Worlds: Dale and Erebor

  Another of the Middle Earth projects available for download. You can download this world from Planet Minecraft.

Desert Temple Adaptation

Here’s an interesting adaptation of the desert pyramid into a temple-like structure. Trouble is, I can’t remember where I got it. I was googling “desert schematics” or something like that. Anyway, it’s a great idea whoever designed it.  

Arabian Desert City

Jamziboy has a gift for designing and building desert structures. Here are two links to see for yourself: The first is simply a YouTube video – Minecraft Desert / Arabian Settlement The second is a tutorial video – Desert Build 1


The number of villagers a village can sustain is based on the number of doors in the village. The Village mechanics page on the Minecraft Wiki gives you the details but it takes about 3 doors to support one villager. Anyway, if you assume one or two doors per structure, it still takes a lot

Better Buildings

I like to build structures but I’m not particularly creative. I tend to rely on schematics rather than my own designs. Here are some links to web sites that offer tips on how to design more creative structures. Extraordinary Exteriors in Three Steps Voxel’s Guide to Building Minecraft Exterior Tutorial Then there is Housing Tutorial

Edoras – Rohan

Edoras – Rohan is another great Middle Earth world worth looking at. The artist, divici, has done a great job of capturing the feel of the movie set. A word about divici. This guy is amazing. If you are a fan of Middle Earth, check him out.

“Modding” Resource/Texture Packs

I like the visual clarity of Glimmar’s Steampunk resource pack and use it as my primary. But there are some really cool blocks in other resource packs such as Conquest and Halcyon Days. You can replace textures in Merlin’s Mashup _V4.  Another alternative is to replace blocks in the ctm folder of mcpatcher. It can

Lego Inspiration

Some have described Minecraft as “virtual Legos”. Adam Reed Tucker is an artist/architect who designs with Legos. Here are a few of my favorites.

Falling Water

I love Frank Lloyd Wright structures and Falling Water is my favorite. Here are some resources to help you build your own. Schematic (world) Lego version (youtube)

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