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The /tidy command removes from inventory: cobblestone stone including granite, diorite and andesite leaves, flowers and grasses sand, gravel and dirt

Schematic Stick

The Schematic Stick sets the lower-right and upper-left corners of a space that can be saved as a Schematic file. To use it, FIRST click the lowest most northwest block of the space. SECOND, click the highest, most southeast, block of the space. Finally, type the command /sch save <schematic file name>.

The Schematic Command Overview

The /sch command has five primary options: /sch list <search> – displays a list of schematics in the schematics folder that contain the characters in the <search> parameter. The display shows the width, length and height of the schematic (WLH). /sch show <schematic name> – shows where the schematic will be placed in your world

Find Mineshaft

To find a nearby mineshaft, type /fm. A spiral search will look for PLANKS between level 20 and 40 and return a message with the x/y/z location of that PLANK. Note that this location may be anywhere in the mineshaft, not necessarily the core location. If no nearby mineshaft can be found, a message is

Find Biome

To find a biome, type /fb <biome name> and a spiraling search will attempt to find the closest biome of that type. If the biome is found, the player is teleported high above the biome. Better have wings or fall protection if you use this command. The search terminates after 10 seconds if no biome