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Merlin’s TNT

Merlin’s TNT blasts out 3x3x8 block mineshafts. The shaft contains lighted support braces and rails. Set the block, face in the direction you want the shaft to go, the left click the block. A shaft appears with bracing and rails.

Merlin’s Spawner Block

Merlin’s Spawner Block allows you to spawn the following mobs: Sheep using Raw Mutton Pigs using Raw Pork Cows using Raw Beef Chickens using Raw Chicken Villagers using Rotten Flesh Iron Golems using Iron Ingots Merlin’s Mobs using Spider Eyes

Merlin’s Forge

Merlin’s Forge smelts ores, gems, food and other items to produce merlinsforge products. Gold ingots are required to craft the Forge and it will only burn redstone and lapis blocks.

Merlin’s Block of Protection

The Block of Protection adds health to all mobs within 5 blocks and kills hostile mobs within 16 blocks. It does not stop projectiles. This is a great block to put in the center of a village to protect and restore the health of villagers. Hostile mobs can’t get within the 5 block “healthful” radius.

Merlin’s Fish Trap Block

The Fish Trap catches fish while the player is doing other things. In order to work, the Fish Trap block must be surrounded by water at least two blocks in each direction. All the player has to do is come by periodically and gather up the dead fish lying around the Fish Trap block.  

Trading Chest

The Trading Chest interacts with the player like a Villager. Instead of memorizing a lot of crafting recipes, the Trading Chest lets the player buy the block or item with gold, silver or copper dust or a Merlin’s Diamond.