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Bedrock Edition

Resource Packs

MerlinsGlimmar+v8 is ported from the Java Edition and uses images from a variety of resource packs–primarily Glimmar’s Steampunk. Download the file by clicking the link above, then change the extension of the downloaded file from .txt to .mcpack.

Behavior Packs

MerlinsArrow+v1 increases the range and damage of arrows. I’m still trying to figure out how to shorten the cooldown period. It also gives the player a bit more underwater time.  Click the link to download, then change the extension from .txt to .mcpack Some useful links to behavior packs include: Tutorials

“Mods” for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Minecraft Bedrock edition is coded in C++ and plays on a variety of platforms including iPad/iPhone, Android, XBox, and Windows 10. It is not as “mod-able” as the Java edition that runs on the PC but is moving in that direction.  Resource packs work pretty much the save as the Java edition with a